1. pixelartus:


    Pixel Artist: @johanvinet

    Source: pixeljoint.com

  2. sketchchump:

    it’s undies night tonight

  3. pokemon-global-academy:

    HIM FREE!! The Great Pikachu Outbreak starting August 9th to August 17th

    I just wanna see someone get mob by all this pikachu’s and have to fight em off~ XD

  4. inkerton-kun:

    some quick animation practice

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Gammanaut's Stats //////////////////////////////////// Ability: Drawing, Japanese, obssessing over random things ////////////////////////////////// Likes:Retro games, Anime, Cartoons, Sexy Ladies, Cute things, Chubby gals, Boys, Horror movies, Rain, and drawing of course ////////////////////////////////// Dislikes: Super Cold weather, Super Hot weather ////////////////////////////////////// Favorite Games : Chrono Trigger, Tekken, Pokemon, Dragon Quest, Super Punchout /////////////////////////////////////// Fav Movies: Amelie, Evil Dead, Black Dynamite, Scott Pilgrim, Iron Giant,1984